I also offer Reiki healing sessions. This is a form of energy work where energy is channeled to your body to clear blockages. Blocks can be compared to castor dams stopping our energy flow. The energy becomes stagnant and may create illnesses or problems in the area where the blockage is. 

Reiki is great to support all kinds of concerns: overall stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, various diseases, joint pain, surgery recovery, degenerative illnesses, negative thought patterns, negative relationship patterns, overall feeling of being stuck or stagnant, etc.

Any question, please email directly.

Sessions are done fully clothed and take approximately 60-75 minutes.

Sessions can also be done at distance, and paid via EMT, if you are in need but cannot visit. Once the payment is received, I will do the work on my own and send you an email with feedback/messages/information I have received during the session.

There is no video-chat meeting.

Screening applies the same (see booking page). There is no "extra" available so please do not even ask.