You can call me Isabelle, Isa or Izzie. I can be described as a firecracker, witty and an all-around no-nonsense kinda gal.

Quick to laugh, down to earth and easy to talk to, I offer a genuine and authentic connection. I also greatly value chemistry.


Petite athletic figure

5 foot, 110 pounds

Brunette/Auburn, green eyes

Age: early 30's

Non-smoker, no drugs.

University graduate in management with multiple professional designations.

A few interests:

- Equestrian/horses (dressage)

- Fitness/ wellness/ sports med

- New age, metaphysics

- Business management

- Sustainable living & construction

- Homesteading (Follow my Twitter!)

- Psychology

Less is more but...

I know some of you were raised to always bring something to a date so here is a simple list of suggestions:

- My amazon wish list (Click)

- Giftcard: Canadian tire, Visa,, Costco, Lululemon (50$ minimum), Chapters, Esso. 

- I am currently stocked up for wine and coffee. Thank you!

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I am selective with new clients. I screen for safety but also for chemistry. Having a pleasurable time is important for me and will not rebook clients I have no chemistry with, or feel we are not a good fit.

I am looking for "regulars". If you never book the same lady twice, I am not for you.

I accept male clientele over 25 and under 60 years old, who are mature, respectful, generous, healthy and can hold a conversation. I do not enjoy encounters with inanimate objects: you create 50% of the experience, always remember that.

I do not see couples or females.




200$/2 hours

250$/ 3 hours

300$/ 4 hours

400$/ 6 hours

Longer booking - please contact directly.

Platonic date.


walk in fish creek and ice cream or coffee, shopping, social dinner at a restaurant or home made, 

takeout and pic-nic, paddleboarding,

day road trip to drumheller or other sightseeing areas, food trucks galore,

farmers' market, seasonal events,

movie night & popcorn, spa day at Nordic Spa or in Banff, escape room, Rec room, PBR events, Spruce Meadows events, etc..

open to other ideas!


I don't discuss acronyms. YMMV. No back door play, no bare anything.

You create 50% of the experience.

1h - 350$

1.5h - 500$

2h - 650$

4h Date & Dinner - 800$

Longer dates available to established clientele (outcall based):

10h Day date - 1500$

15h Overnight & Breakfast- 2000$

24h Whole Day - 3000$

48h 2 full days - 4000$

Activity packages available: ask me directly.


(Rates will go up in June)

Some of you are in great need of a refresher when comes to kissing, touching a woman, giving oral, and performing the main act.

I will provide tips and honest feedback during the session.

60 minutes - 350$

90 minutes - 500$


(Extra 50$ when touring other cities)

Light touching on me (butt, back, breasts) is ok. My panties stay on. 

*Basic massage* (1 HJ)
30 minutes 120$ (Repeat clients)
1h 150$
1.5h 220$
2 hours 300$

*Double massage* ( 2 HJ)
1h 220$
1.5h 280$
2 hours 350$

Bodyslide +100$ (Not always offered. please ask when booking)

SPA SERVICES (massage add-ons)
These services MUST be prebooked so I can be prepared.
Scalp massage - 10$
Foot scrub & massage - 30$
Back facial & extraction - 35$

I post pay-per-view videos. No DMs.


For established clients only.

Regular clothed cleaning service.

Reasonable rates, fast service. We can discuss details and rates in person. 

I only work for people I enjoy "dealing with". This is a fun side gig for me!

Need help with weekly cleaning?

Deep cleaning 


Grocery pick-up & cooking (partial or full meal prepping)

Storage optimization

Tips&tricks (cooking, storage, planning)

Contact for rates and details. Let me know what you need help with and I'll see what I can do.





I also offer Reiki healing sessions. This is a form of energy work where energy is channeled to your body to clear blockages and rebalance your energy centers. Blocks can be compared to castor dams stopping our energy flow. The energy becomes stagnant and may create illnesses or problems in the area where the blockage is. 

Reiki is great to support all kinds of concerns: overall stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, various diseases, joint pain, surgery recovery, degenerative illnesses, negative thought patterns, negative relationship patterns, overall feeling of being stuck or stagnant, etc.

Any question, please email directly.


Sessions are done fully clothed and take approximately 60-75 minutes. 


Sessions can also be done at distance, and paid via EMT, if you are in need but cannot visit.

Once the payment is received, I will do the work on my own and send you an email with feedback/messages/information I have received/gathered during the session.

There is no video-chat meeting.

Screening applies the same (Except for distance sessions). 


Like any other body work modality, a few sessions may be required to see change at the beginning, especially if the issue you are dealing with has been present for quite a while.



  • When contacting for the first time, remember that I do not know you. The info you give me is all I get to build a first impression of you. Be polite, respectful, provide all the info I ask for right away. Pushing boundaries, like thinking rules do not apply to you, will send you to my blocked list right away.

  • I reply to complete inquiries as soon as I can but sometimes it can take 24hr.

  • If I refuse to see you, leave it at that. Don’t send 8 more emails asking why and telling me you can pay more. No means no.

  • A text number will be provided to you once you have cleared the screening and a booking has been confirmed with a deposit. My number is not posted publicly because I am not interested in getting anonymous impolite messages at meth head hours. I also will never initiate text conversation. 

  • Availability: My hours change all the time. I do not have set hours like a massage clinic does, but I usually can be available between 11am-9pm unless posted otherwise.

  • Method to the madness: When coming to visit, FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS. Park where instructed. I’ll give you directions that fit that spot. I cannot have lost gentlemen wandering trough the building on a daily basis. This is not discreet. This is how we draw attention and get evicted. So just READ the instructions.

  • If you show up under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be turned away. Who shows up high at people's house anyway...

  • Don’t knock on the door like a gorilla please. DISCRETION. A light knock is totally fine. I’m awaiting you and I won’t be far from the door.

  • Payment is to be taken care of at the beginning of the session. DO NOT make me ask - it's awkward for everyone. If you want to pay the remaining of the fee via EMT, the EMT must be received and deposited by the beginning of the session. Note: some banks take up to 2 hours to send an EMT so plan ahead please.

  • Don’t touch my shower head. I am short and cannot reach easily to put it back in place where it needs to be for me.

  • Showers should be 5 minutes max. A quick rinse, soap on the facecloth and wash scrub your entire body and rinse.

  •  Please use deodorant, for the love of Pete (I've got some for you in the bathroom).

  • Please avoid asking personal questions such as “what’s your real name”, family info, “what got you in this business”, “what’s the craziest thing that ever happened”, etc.

  • After leaving, please delete our conversation/ address/etc right away. This will protect my privacy and ensure it doesn’t fall in unwanted hands. Just do it.. even if you use a separate phone.

  • I accept basic reviews on CAF. Please leave out information about location and intimate details. Do not share my text #.



This is your first impression to a woman who knows nothing about you... 

Availability for Calgary Deep South

Please note:

  • Availability updated daily on Twitter. Please have a look:

  • Typical availability 11am-9pm

  • I reply to emails/texts 9am-5pm only.

  • I do not take same day bookings for new clients.

  • I do not pre-screen days/weeks ahead. Be ready to book.

  • Incomplete, explicit or impolite inquiries will not be replied to.

  • DEPOSIT required to confirm all bookings and non-refundable: Under 2hours- 50$ (EMT or Amazon) , Over 2 hours - 50%(EMT only). 

  • CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING: With a minimum of 48h, your deposit will be applied to our next date. Credited deposit must be used within 30 days.



- Your name and age​

- Valid phone number

- Day, time and duration of desired date

- A little bit about yourself 

+ Choose one of the screening options:

1- 1 recent (6 months) REPUTABLE reference and her contact information.

2- If you do not have a reference

ID picture ( Driver's license or passport) uncensored.

If you choose to provide a reference, PLEASE contact her before providing her information to me. This will ensure that

1- she is around to reply promptly

2- she remembers you

3- she is willing to provide a reference.

Send all your information to



-Your name and age​

-Valid phone number

- City, day, time and duration of desired date

- A little bit about yourself 

+Choose one of the screening options

1-Recent reference (6 months) from a reputable provider and her contact information. (Please contact her ahead of time to make sure she's got the right contact number for you and she is willing to give a reference)

2- I.D. picture (drivers license or passport)  You can cover your address only.

Send all your information to

Incomplete, explicit or impolite inquiries will not be replied to.